17 June 2013 @ 09:02 pm
Been ignoring here again, oops!  
Yes, I am a bad LJ'er. Sorry. Been on the short attention span sites as I have been busy busy busy. Somehow it feels like I have not been getting enough done either. First off I am on no MS treatment at the moment and while the Tysabri was no miracle by any means, definitely do feel a little weaker and stuff, especially since stopping it came right as I was having to pack and clean and basically do tons of stuff. Waiting for the Tecfidera approval to finish up. The Drug company told me it went to the pharmacy on the 4th (day after my neuro appointment) so I should call them to see why I hadn't heard yet... they were waiting for something from doctor, I am guessing the blood work from Tower/Cedar's as they don't just ignore my requests for itemized bills or me and Tysabri's joint requests to straighten out the drug assistance program co-pay but also never sent my doctor anything while I was there, including labs. There are good about billing and threatening to send me to collections after telling me to wait to pay it til they fixed the co-pay issue as it might greatly affect the bill though. Still waiting on all of that which was supposed to be set up in February -- one month BEFORE I started there.


Also while furniture shopping, I found that every cool couch is only in Italy, Germany, or Japan. Well, we have one or two here. And they all cost like 3k despite being just cushions which is basically more than buying a couch and ditching the frame (looking at floor couches instead of framed ones as this moving a big couch is so ugh).

So yeah between the drug stuff, the exhaustion, the move, etc -- well, not really here. I'll try to get back into at least skimming once life settles down.
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There's no place like on June 19th, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
furniture prices are shocking. i went looking and couldn't believe how much stuff has gone up since I last bought something.

hopes the meds comes in soon!!
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