25 February 2013 @ 03:12 pm
Livejournal hates me. It keeps not wanting to post this. I had a whole rant typed up with links, it said it couldn't post the post because there was an error in the content or something stupid. Umm it was text and a link. So I decided to keep it simple and sum it up with this image. LJ said no such entry. Um, yeah because I was trying to POST IT. Let's try a third time.

A good read: An Open Letter to Ang Lee

Feel free to look up Rhythm and Hues or VFX Protest for more on the Green Screen protest image, afraid to try more links, LJ is being too wonky. Ang Lee probably should have at least said "Thank you". When artists are vital to your movies, now unemployed or working for literally NO checks, maybe say thank you, instead of saying they're too expensive and until they're cheaper you probably won't use them again. Just sayin'.
I'm feeling: sympatheticsympathetic