28 January 2013 @ 03:48 pm
Here we go again  

So I thought we're all supposed be good little consumers and support the insurance companies, get the medical care we need, take care of ourselves best we can to prevent future health issues, and all will be good. No? No.

I get all settled in with a primary doctor, a private neurologist. I go to the full check up. I go get the heavy duty MS meds when all else has failed me / caused bad side effects. Now? Now the cancer center where I get my Tysabri calls me. The drug company raised the price of the meds at the same time the insurance company dropped what they will cover. The end result? The center can no longer keep MS patients on top of their cancer patients.

We chose that center for two reasons -
1. my insurance approved it
2. it's in my town - very important in "Los Angeles" - everything is really in this town or that town
Okay maybe three, the third being a sub-reason to 2.
3. there were really only two options presented to me for this part of L.A. and this was close where as the other wasn't.

The lady from the cancer center was apologizing all over herself. That center is so awesome, despite the fact that basically every other patient is a male with cancer so, you know, not good. The people who work there are awesome. There is a lovely priest who makes rounds to chat with everyone to make sure they're doing okay - I'm not religious and even I can appreciate that.

As it stands, I go there this week... after that? Don't know. She said that the Tysabri people should be in touch with me soon, but when she contacted them for someone else local they were trying to rush to find a place for her IV. If the drug company and insurance companies don't come together soon, I suppose it's not looking so hot and honestly while we're not poor, we simply cannot afford these MS drugs on top of insurance, deductibles, and you know, the regular costs of living, etc. so just giving in and paying for them ourselves is out and even with just Brian working we no longer qualify for the drug assistance programs as they apparently changed the income requirements + I have insurance. Saying sure charge us more, um... no.

My doctor is happy with it as I don't have side effects. I don't have the miracle energy boosts or whatever but no side effects is good. In March I'll get a new MRI, so we'll see how my brain likes it.

I dunno, just so sick of it. If I were dirt poor I'd get it free. Having insurance means I might have to -- I don't know, just stop meds, I guess. Or move onto the next thing -- the MS pills. Otherwise I am kind of out of options at this point. I'm ready for socialized medicine at this point.

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kennamwalton on January 29th, 2013 04:38 am (UTC)
This is where we fall for all of Connor's autism treatments too. It's been bad...which is why I'm fighting so hard to get autism covered in my state. I hope they figure something out for you soon, I really really do!!!!
Delusional Angel: braindelusionalangel on January 30th, 2013 12:16 am (UTC)
Same for you with Connor.

Looks like for me, they're going to wait until Friday -- so my currently scheduled Thursday infusion happens without any glitches -- then ask the two other semi close sites (4 miles) if they are accepting news patients and my insurance. If not, well I don't want to go further than that, so they'll see if they can stretch their income requirements to pay the difference so I can stay at my current site and they'll just pay the difference.
Kristykismets on February 1st, 2013 07:57 am (UTC)
Insurance company and pharmacy suck. Sorry hon hope they come up with a fix!