07 January 2013 @ 11:12 pm
Well that's a little better.... and WOAH!  
So Time Warner drama ended for now. They called back with a spiel about how you cannot really do over the air and HBO as you have to get the digital pack to get HBO, blah blah blah. Sooooo in the end they just swapped us to some other "Deal" they do for I dunno new customers and those who threaten to leave, I guess. That cut our bill by an acceptable'ish amount for a year (acceptable compared to what they claimed we have to do to get HBO - but given HBO is only $15 and that's all we want with channels you're supposed to be able to get free "over the air" kind of a rip off still). Hoping for the unlikely - that HBO does a stand along app option and then we can ditch cable, but for now this works.

That is all. Headache because I made the mistake of watching Alex Jones on the Piers Morgan show. Highly recommend it if you can handle screaming. It'll stay with you awhile. There's gun chat. There's med talk. Someone needing meds. A bad impersonation (either a Brit or Stewie from Family Guy, not sure). Just all around good bad tv.
I'm feeling: Headache'y
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