03 January 2013 @ 01:50 pm
Yup Time Warner Sucks  
Hmm trying to find out if we can go down to just basically broadcast channels and HBO. Don't wanna lose HBO since they take about 1-2 years anymore to release on DVD and their shows already take a year to come out. But yeah, TW pissed me off enough. For the people who weren't watching tv last night when they pulled Current with no notice? Today you cannot even turn the channel to Current, if you try it auto changes you to the next channel so you cannot even get the no longer available notice. Not even 24 hours of that notice up for customers? WTF? Yeah they need as little or our money as possible. If we could get HBO without giving them any money I would, but they own HBO too so... blah.
I'm feeling: annoyedannoyed